Cerebellar Atrophy

Cerebellar Atrophy

What causes Cerebellar Atrophy?

How is Cerebellar Atrophy Diagnosed?

Can Cerebellar Atrophy Be Reversed?

Can Dilantin Cause Cerebellar Atrophy?

Do You have Cerebellar Atrophy?
Symptoms of Cerebellar Atrophy
Wide-legged, unsteady, lurching walk that is usually accompanied by a back and forth tremor in the trunk of the body.
Can you recover from acute cerebellar ataxia? 
Cerebellar degeneration is a process in which neurons (nerve cells) in the cerebellum – the area of the brain that controls coordination and balance – deteriorate and die.
PubMed research for side effects of Dilantin
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