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Patient stories about cerebellar atrophy Brain shrinking caused by Long term Dilantin use.

CASE REPORT Year : 2000 | Volume : 46 | Issue : 4 | Pg :278-9

Cerebellar atrophy in an epileptic child: is it due to phenytoin?

SR Ahuja, S Karande, MV Kulkarni Division of Paediatric Neurology, Department of Paediatrics, LTM Medical College and Hospital, Sion, Mumbai - 400 022, India., India

Dilantin cerebral atrophy shrinking

A four and half year old epileptic child on phenytoin therapy since one year presented with signs of cerebellar dysfunction.

Serum phenytoin level was high (33 mcg/ml) and computerised tomographic scan of the brain showed severe generalised cerebellar atrophy.

The cerebellar signs represented drug over dosage and toxicity and persisted long after omission of phenytoin.