Dilantin Seizures Treatment

Dilantin Seizure Treatment

What is Dilantin?

The generic name for Dilantin is phenytoin a seizure medicine treatment. It’s an oral medication and can also be injected. It’s manufactured by Pfizer.

How Does Dilantin Work?

Brain cells need to work or “fire” at a certain rate to function normally. During a seizure, brain cells are forced to work much more rapidly than normal. Dilantin helps prevent brain cells from working as fast as a seizure requires them to. The cells are prevented from all firing together in uncontrollable surges. Therefore seizures are stopped just as they’re beginning. Usually there is little or no change in normal brain functions when recommended amounts of Dilantin are used.

What are the Side Effects of Dilantin?

Cerebellar Atrophy linked to Dilantin.  FDA Dilantin label changes in 2016.


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